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jeepers creepers 2
  victor salva
  ray wise, jonathan breck, erick nenninger
the good: bad acting, and pointless plot. action scenes are predictable and uninspired.
the bad: some gorgeous scenery in places. the creeper is fun to look at sometimes.
we say:
in depth

'Jeepers Creepers 2' takes place only a few days after the original 'Jeepers Creepers' left off. Once again, we're introduced to the Creeper. A flying, trenchcoat wearing monster with an apparent fixation with prime numbers, as he comes out of hibernation once every 23 years for 23 days to feed on us regular humans. Not just any humans, but those with specific scents in their fear. Then he likes to harvest them for specfic body parts to give himself an upgrade. Although by no means a great movie (no matter what 'they' tell you) 'Jeepers Creepers' managed to be entertaining and at least somewhat original. The first half the movie was excellent, while the second half stumbled rather badly. Sadly, 'Jeepers Creepers 2' is bad all the way through, and doesn't benefit from the orginality present in the sequel.

A day before his forced hiatus, the Creeper poses as a scarecrow (it worked in the first movie, so...) in order to steal away with the child of the hapless Farmer Jack. Leaving aggrieved Jack, we're then introduced to a bus full of championship high school basketball players and their assorted hangers on. After some suspicious tire blowouts and attacks by a mysterious winged creature, they're forced to spend the night in the bus with no idea what's happening. Luckily, one of the cheerleaders has a psychic vision for absolutely no reason whatsoever, and explains everything about the Creeper to the rest of her friends. That's right, full plot exposition by a psychic (it worked in the first movie, so...).

Meanwhile, Farmer Jack and his other son, little Jacky, have decided to go creature hunting. Retiring to the foundry in the barn for the night, he forges a pretty effective harpoon/cannon hybrid, and become flawless in it's operation. Hopping into their truck, the two Jack's are off to help out the hapless school kids and seek revenge on the winged monster that stole their irritating family member.

Some more stuff happens too! There's uh, supposed to be some sort of human drama unfolding in the bus, as completely unconvincing actors try to infuse the movie with some sense of emotion. Except for a feeling of self loathing for having rented (or god forbid, purchased) the movie, it doesn't succeed.

There's really nothing to the movie. The entire plot is outlined in short speech, and after that it's just a series of attacks by a monster that can't be killed. Cue some running teenagers, repeat ad infinitum, and apparently that makes a film.

About half of the movie is shot on location. Sadly enough, that location is in and around a school bus. It's very difficult to wring suspense for fifty minutes when all you have to work with is a bus - so Salva doesn't even bother. From the first few minutes of the movie, it's pretty easy to pick out who will live, and who will die. When they do manage to get away from the bus however, the scenery and cinematography is usually gorgeous. Filled with vibrant oranges and yellows, the colors really look good. In addition, the Creeper's costume/makeup is usually fun to look at it, assuming the filmmakers bothered to provide enough lighting for you to actually see anything. Regardless, when there's isn't a bus in the frame - the movie looks pretty slick.

All this is nicely transferred over to your living room screen in a pretty faithful conversion. All the hues well defined, and there's good depth to the black. Which is good, cause you'll see a lot of it. The audio track is pretty crisp, and localizes well. This can be a pity when it comes to the music, because the score is simply atrocious.

As for the extra features, they're all pretty elementary. There's two commentaries which are absolutely pointless to listen to. There are some storyboard sequences, which are actually entertaining to flip through. In addition, there's a video piece chronicling a day on the set, which runs about half an hour. There's really nothing exciting in here, and you've seen it hundreds of times before it most other special features out there. There's also four short features. Three of these cover the musical score, visual effects, and the making of the movie. The fourth takes a closer look into the Creeper, and is easliy the most enjoyable of the four.

'Jeepers Creepers 2' is a sequel to a mediocre movie, but manages to be a terrible movie quite easily. It's few good moments are completely overshadowed by a veritable multitude of bad ones. Things only get worse, as the end is absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary. Maybe if you guys had a little common sense you'd stop getting eaten.


reviewed by dragonsworn staff
  in closing
not even mildly frightening, much less scary. infuriating with its stupidity. much worse than the first one.