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welcome to our links section. you won't find as many sites in here as you might have hoped, as with the launch of divination, we'll be collecting them on the new directory. for more information on divination, scroll down.

the sites we do list are our own, and resources for our two favourite series' of books - 'The Wheel of Time', and 'A Song of Ice and Fire'. Aside from that, our scope is too broad to include all kinds of links on a single page (hence the directory). if you feel your site belongs on this page, or would like to suggest a new category here, by all means - get in touch with us, and we'll consider it.

if you'd like to link to us - by all means, go ahead. we'd appreciate it very much. if you'd like to use a banner, you can find a small selection here. you can also submit your site to divination, and our managers will take a look at it. if you'd like some linking banners, we'll have a few shortly. in addition, if you'd like a custom banner/image to suit the feel of your site, we'll be eager to provide them on request & consultation.

dragonsworn's group of sites

dragonsworns genre specific links directory is a human-edited compilation covering the finest sites in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. categores are broken down into books, movies, and games, and then into several sub-categories. currently boasting over two hundred sites in two months, we invite you to swing buy, and maybe add a few of your own.


our message boards are a great place to go to discuss your favourite books, movies, or games. not only that, you can comment on the site, and make suggestions for new features. the board is frequented by a great group of people, and we're also welcoming new members. we invite you to drop by and introduce yourself.


our gallery plays host to a number of supremely talented artists. drop by and see the finest sci-fi/fantasy art on the net, in both traditional and digital formats. we encourage you to recommend new artists for us, or just browse through the site and marvel at some truly breathtaking pieces from the likes of Steven Stahlberg and Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.


the main website - the one you're on now - is available in both north american, and european servers. choose the one closest to you for best results.


the black tower

this unique website is run by a famed Xaraya Guru, Ashaman, who was instrumental in getting divination up and running. as you might expect, he also serves as dvn director. the site is truly an eclectic mix of content, and hard to truly describe. there's tidbits for Wheel of Time fans, as well as useful Xaraya modules. we can't even scratch the surface with the space we have here, so we invite you to swing by and see for yourself.

'a song of ice and fire' sites

a truly invaluable site, westeros has everything a ASOIF fan could ever hope for. of special interest is the 'Concordance', which has information on every single aspect of 'A Song of Ice and Fire'. it can only be described as staggering. also look for the insightful 'So Spake Martin' section, which covers virtually everything the man has ever said!

martin's website

George R. R. Martin is one of those rare authors that mantains an excellent and frequently updated sites. this is a great place to find the latest news on the series, and find out more about Mr. Martin himself. don't believe anything you hear about 'A Feast for Crows' unless you see it here first.

blood of ice and fire

An invaluable research resource, for those of you so inclined, and a great place to refresh one's memory for the rest of you. 'Blood of Ice and Fire' provides an impressive character database. Not only is it searchable, you can browse by house (including genealogies), as well as set spoiler levels, in case you haven't finished the series yet.

'the wheel of time' sites

if you don't know what 'dragonmount' is, then you're not a wheel of time fan, plain and simple. the unquestioned authority on WoT is home to a large and lively community, and offers everything fans of the series could ever hope for.



another great resource for the series, wotmania also boasts a huge active community of users. the site also deals with other fantasy works, and has plenty of interactive features. chances are every WoT fan on the net is either on wotmania or dragonmount, if not both.


official site

although a little thin on material, the site offers a great feature: a weekly Q & A with Jordan himself. he provides some insightful answers to interesting questions (hence 'Q' & 'A'!). there's also a section on real-life WoT romances, which is fun to read.