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it's 10 o'clock... you know where issue 1 is? we certainly don't.

we lost it in a shuffle years back, and although we're not all that eager to see it again, it'd be really nice to have a complete library.

if you should happen to have a copy of this relic, please email us to let us know.

  i7, 09.98
a change in the mission statement, i4 targets a broader segment of Wheel of Time fans than i's predecessors. this issue features an interview with Glen Dahlgren concerning Legend Entertainment's 'Wheel of Time' computer game.
  i6, 02.98
issue 3 marked a return for dragonsworn after the hiatus following i2's release. a darker issue, it comes across as low grade pulp really. thin on content, but big on file size.
  i5, 11.97
2 marked the new format for dragonsworn, a vast improvement over our inagural issue. it laid the groundwork for issues over the following two years.
dragonsworn i8

that's right, after 5 long years without an issue, dragonsworn currently has plans to release an eighth wheel of time magazine, sometime in early 2004.

we would like to hear your suggestions on what you would like to see in the new issue. in addition, we're currently looking for content submissions, including articles, and poetry. don't hesitate to email us

we'll post more news about i8, as soon as we have it. look for a comrephensive page before we begin the groundwork.