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What do the Twilight Zone and an 80s B-movie have in common with an evolving epic of high fantasy? How about a strategy board game, a collectible card game, and a series of comic books? Of course, because you're here you already know where we're going with this -- but this quick list doesn't even run the entire gamut of different media that this man's written for, or been adapted for. George R. R. Martin has never been averse to writing a variety of works for different audiences, and with the impressive success of his current series, 'A Song of Ice and Fire' , he's shown himself to be quite obliging in giving his fans what they want most (more!) by endorsing merchandising and adaptations. You can even get a t-shirt proudly displaying the crest and words of your favourite House, through his official website.

When we decided to do a special feature honouring him, then, it seemed appropriate to go beyond simply the interview, for a man whose presence now spans such a broad spectrum of formats. Within this section we've included a gallery of artwork inspired by the world he's created in ASOIAF, and reviewed links to various other ASOIAF resources in our GRRM websites section. We also have our staff critics' reviews of his stories set in this world. Lively discussion and speculation regarding the series can usually be found on our discussion board, inspiration, and additional web resources for fans can be found in our sf/f/h index, divination.

Having built himself up an unusually large and loyal fan base, where might he yet go from here, and what further plans does he have for the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series in particular? We got some of his views on that, along with other topics, when we had A Word With George R. R. Martin.