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Alastair Reynold's exploded into the world of science fiction with his critically acclaimed debut novel 'Revelation Space', released in 2000. This was only the first installment in a titanic space opera of truly epic proportions, and since then Reynolds has never looked back. Nominated for several awards, and a recipient of the prestigious British Science Fiction Association Award for best novel, Reynolds is one of the most important writers in a new generation of sci-fi.

Of course it's only natural that Dragonsworn wanted to do a feature on Mr. Reynolds - and he was kind enough to accomodate us. We're honoured to have conducted an interview with Mr. Reynolds, who spoke to us about his upcoming novels, his taste in music, and the general state of science fiction, among others. Staying away from specific plot details of his work, the interview is a perfect read for fans and new readers alike.

Speaking of which - for those of you new to Mr. Reynolds work, we encourage your to read our primer, as it offers a review of the entire series in general without spoiling anything for you. Although our reviews of individual books don't give away any major plot developments, it's best to start out somewhere a little more elementary. Once you're finished with those, we invite you to check our list of related websites, which include links to a couple of online short stories. Finally, feel free to drop by inspiration to discuss any of Reynolds' works, sf/f/h in general (including WoT and aSoIaF), dragonsworn, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

Don't let us keep you any longer. Explore the feature, and learn more about Alastair Reynolds' fantastic contribution to modern science fiction.