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welcome to our downloads page where we'll be offering assorted media tidbits. for now, we've got 6 desktop images. clicking on a thumbnail will bring up a 800x600 JPG preview. to download a wallpaper click on the preferred size. keep in mind the files are very large, from 1.5mb for an 800x to 4.0mb for a full 1280x. check back here often for new files, and if you have any suggestions on applications we should skin or specific designs, get in touch with us.

as you've no doubt noticed, over here at dragonsworn we go through a lot of angels for our layouts. ever since our regrettably public dispute with the union however, all of them refuse to work for us. as common sense would dictate, we've solved this problem by growing our own. our ethics director is unavailable for comment...
steel dragon
we'll get things started with a few dragonsworn logos. 'infection' reflects dragonsworn's abanonded plan to release an indoctrinal bacterial agent to increase our readership. after a feasibility study, it was decided that we had to know science (like, microscopes and stuff), so we scrapped it. The steel logo is simpler, but still manages to look pretty slick.
lucien & isdera
'tainted halo' is a side project run by a few dragonsworn members. although it's not ready for general users yet, a few character desktops seemed in order. on the right, the ever friendly 'goliath', and in the left corner: some uh, cowboys with swords and missing eyes and stuff. you know how it is. or... maybe you don't. for the 'halo' series, we've also included a few optional desktop icons
the dragon banner
ice and fire
we're so helpful that we put the one image that people actually asked for all the way at the end (from our 'A Song of Ice and Fire' feature). anyways, feel free to enjoy Robert and Rhaegar chatting on the Trident, or just a classic rendition of the dragonsworn logo.