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'the last dragon'
xavier marquis

it's been awhile.

so we kept you out of the loop. well we're sorry, for what it's worth (not much, apparently :). yeah, we've been behind on content, but we're forging ahead in other more tangible (though less readable) areas.

it's been awhile, we know, but for good cause. ask any veteran user of dragonsworn - we might be a bit late getting things done, but when we do it, we do it with style. we're pleased to officially announce the launch of the iniquity engine. this 100% custom engine will revolutionalize our Group of Sites, and work towards integrating dragonsworn as a whole. if you've followed our development, you know how powerful and flexible this engine is. 'versatility' is our watchword, and 'eventual implementation' is another couple of words... apparently.

we invite you to visit the iniquity-powered inspiration, our message boards. what's new? a completely open and integrated graphic system, 160+ user rankings (as opposed to 2) built on a points based system, better organization, faster algorithims, and a more secure implementation. if you've been active on the boards since Oct 1, 03, your account has been transferred over.

we would like to stress that the unprecedented success of inspiration is just one facet of the complete iniquity engine. again, if you've followed along on inspiration - you've seen the beta 'evolution' implementation of iniquity, and know what it's capable of.

we're pleased to be able to provide our users, by the end of November, one of the most dynamic and functional sites on the web. and as usual... serve it up with our signature flair and panache. thanks to Ryan T. Dean, we're pleased to present all of this on a ridiculously fast colocation, with absolutely no advertisements. it's like a free lunch, but you can't eat it. which is admittedly problematic. we're in dire need of grammatical cohesion.

as we were saying - welcome to the new face of dragonsworn. if you're interested in taking part in our wide-beta's of evolution/exhibition/divination, or would like more information, stop by inspiration.

we'll be in touch shortly, as iniquity is deployed across our Group of Sites. please keep in mind that during this period, content publication will be limited. as a stop-gap solution, look for Ishy's roundup for all movies released this summer, so you know what doesn't suck.


05.19.04 - a little earlier
visual styles, again...

we're proud to announce a few more layout changes. first up are our message boards, inspiration. we've swapped the graphics out for a sleeker and more vibrant look, as well as added user avatars. drop by and see for yourself.

we've also given exhibition a more significant makeover, and we're pleased to say it looks a hell of a lot better. it's officially (for timeline reasons) open on the 21st, but everything's up and running now. a small caveat however: the minimum resolution is now 1024x768. we thought a lot about the choice, and decided that for an art gallery it was perfectly acceptable. it gives us the ability to roll out a more functional and attractive layout, although it may cause difficulty for a small minority of our users still using 800x600. if this is you, well then... dammit.













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[evo] new layout and design
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